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Ransomware Recovery Workshop: Veeam 

Join Veeam as we delve into a true-to-life scenario where a user's innocent act of opening an email attachment triggers a destructive ransomware attack.

Discover the power of Veeam Backup & Replication™ as we showcase its ability to rapidly respond to such incidents. Learn how to navigate the recovery process seamlessly and witness how Veeam empowers organizations to swiftly bounce back from security breaches, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations.

* Please note: you are required to bring your laptop for this lab.

Workshop Timing: Sept 25, 2 pm - 4 pm

DAMA & ICCP Certification Workshop

POSTPONED - November 4 at NAIT - in the HP Center (Saturday 9-6pm)

Morning Session: (9.00am-12.00 Noon)

What certifications are available for Data Management and Computing Professionals?

We will cover examinations & preparation for:

a. Certified Data Professional  (3 exam requirement)

b. Data Governance & Stewardship Professional (1 exam)

c. CyberSecurity Professional (1 exam)

d. Certified IT Professional (3 exam requirement)


Afternoon Session (1.00pm-4.50pm Sept 26)

Take up to three 90 minute examinations on a "pay-if-you-pass" basis. 10 minute break between exams. This is a zero risk detailed assessment of your skills, knowledge and experience.  


Regardless of passing or not, you will receive a detailed skills performance profile. You could walk away with one or even two professional certifications by the end of the day for a cost ranging between US$350 to USD$1050 (for 3 exams). You can attend the same exam twice to improve your score.  If you've passed and want to improve your score to mastery level, you may take the exam a second time at a later date, you can schedule that with remote testing for an additional cost of USD$50.

Exams Available at the Edmonton BSides Conference 2023 are:

1. CyberSecurity Exam

2. Data Governance & Stewardship Exam

3. Data Management Exam

4. Information Systems Core Exam

5. Systems Security Exam

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