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Capture the Flag (CTF) events are not only entertaining, but professionals also use them to enhance their soft and technical skills.

Come participate individually or as a team!

Our CTF will run from 9:00 am monday September 25 continuously through 3:15pm Tuesday September 26. You can stop by the CTF area we have setup and find team mates, or get some help and motivation! Since it runs all night you won't need to miss any of the talks if you do not want to (we are also recording the talks in case you get wrapped up in the CTF). 

We're using "Hack the Box" as our backend, in case you've heard of them before. You will need to click this link to register for and participate in the event.

We look forward to having new and experienced players participate.

Please click below to enter the BSides Edmonton CTF!

CTF Password: c5e01b025dc7
Wifi: B$iD3-2023

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