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Tess (killrbunn3)


Tess is an enthusiast in all things strange and unusual. With a background in blue team operations, threat hunting, writing, and messing with things she shouldn’t, Tess enjoys deep-diving into ongoing threats, circumventing red tape, and believes that every problem is cyclical. Tess lives on a small homestead surrounded by Maine forest with her family, numerous animals, and software-defined radios.

Disinform your Surroundings: AI and disinformation campaigns

Humanity has some serious issues defining what is real and what is fake. We base our reality upon our proven evidence of the world - our observables. What if what we observe is so convincing that it causes entire movements of falsity? In this talk, we explore the use of AI technologies in disinformation campaigns around the world. We’ll cover some past campaigns and their long-term effects, the technology behind them, and some actions you as a non-AI lifeform can take to prevent rampant overuse in human rhetoric.

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