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Sarah Hunt

Information Security Officer

Government of Alberta

Sarah Hunt is a cybersecurity professional with an educational background in several fields, including investigations. They have combined their analytical and cybersecurity skills to work as a security analyst in the Cyber Threat Intelligence and Reporting area of the Cybersecurity Division in the Government of Alberta.

Fabricated Realities: AI Personas and Simulacra and the Threats They Pose

In the past few years there has been a rapid advancement in the field of AI. The concept of manufactured entities that can replicate human behaviours, speech, and emotions have been the stuff of legend, literally, with myths of the bronze protector Talos from Greek legend and Egyptian automatons dating back millennia. This presentation will go into how the legends have started to become closer to reality in recent years, with improvements in AI technology resulting in the rapid mainstream growth of AI personas and simulacra. This talk will focus on a high-level overview of the threats implicit with these AI personas and simulacra and broad suggestions of mitigations that can be taken to lessen their impacts.

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