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Senior Cyber Security Advisor

Enbridge Inc.

Prashant has a Bachelors and Masters in IT from India and 14 years of IT experience in Canada across various industry verticals. He works as a Senior Cyber Security Advisor for a Fortune 500. He calls himself a geek with a purpose. He likes to support the budding talent, share his experience and continue to progress the Cyber Security discipline in industry, academia and research fields. He considers himself a problem solver in solving interesting IT problems and not just Cyber Security.   He has numerous research papers in the field of Quantum Computing, Youtube channel and videos on Quantum Research. He has presented in multiple IT and Security conferences over the years such as CIPS, ISACA Edmonton, B-Sides Edmonton, B-Sides Calgary, Public Safety Canada ICS Symposium among others. He also has a passion of teaching Cyber Security courses in NAIT and Concordia University of Edmonton to Bachelors and Master of Information Security Management students.  He likes to play chess, hike and camp in the mountains alone and ponder over the purpose of life and nature. X (formerly Twitter): @prashant_geek GitHub:

MITRE Attack Flow: Laying Foundations for Predictive Intelligence

I will like to propose a talk as a breakout session style for 1 hour on a research done by MITRE Engenuity Team on Threat Informed Defense. There will also be a case study on the SNAKE Malware by Russian Nation State targeting NATO, US and North America on the most sophisticated cyber espionage campaign conducted since 2002 and how it relates to Threat Informed Defense approach to MITRE's ATT&CK methodology.

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