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Michael Spaling

Manager, Information Security

University of Alberta

Michael Spaling has built his career around cybersecurity in the post-secondary industry. He leads the Information Security team at the University of Alberta, one of the best research-intensive Universities in Canada and a top 100 in the world. Michael is a recipient of the Queens Platinum Jubilee Medal for his notable contributions to the cybersecurity industry and was recognized as a Top 10 Under 40 by Canadian Security Magazine. He has a handful of published CVEs to his credit, braved the world of startups as the Chief Security Officer for an organization that was first to market offering digitized legal services and is a co-inventor on a pending patent currently working its way through the US Patent and Trademark Office.  When he's not working, Michael enjoys time with his wife, kids, and the family dog while making countless trips to the LEGO store or waiting patiently for LEGO deliveries to arrive at his house.

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