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Logan Fetterly

Information Security Officer

Government of Alberta

Logan Fetterly is an Information Security Officer with the Government of Alberta supporting CyberAlberta. His past experiences include the private sector, where he used skills in full-stack development, agile methodologies, proposal writing and project management to deliver innovative and secure solutions for clients. Logan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from MacEwan University and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from St. Bonaventure University, where he learned standards, policies, tools, and strategies to protect data and systems from cyber threats. Within his career, Logan also regularly engaged with students in post-secondary Computer Science programs at the UofA, NAIT and MacEwan University, where he shared his personal experiences and advice for excelling in the field of IT. He also assists the Canada Learning Code chapter for Edmonton provide increased experiences for women and youth interested in STEM, by volunteering as a mentor for their in-person workshops.

Stand-out Strategies for Young Professionals: Five Effective Habits For Getting You Hired

Edmonton Computer Science / Computer Engineering students and new graduates are experiencing a combination of challenges, new and old, in their search for job opportunities. Significant competition, a general noise online about what best to do, and a pervasive disconnect between academia and industry, leave many feeling without a strategy for getting hired. This set of challenges extends to those pursuing cybersecurity. In 2023 I spent personal time with coops, learners, and students alike within my duties with CGI, during workshops with Canada Learning Code, at BSides conferences, and on college campuses. Using their feedback and sharing my personal learnings, I’ve collected a set of ways everyone can stand-out during their journey to attract the right attention, and impress future employers.

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