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Kim Krushell


Treefort Technologies Incorporated

Kim is passionate about identity fraud prevention and cybersecurity. Kim is the  Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Treefort Technologies, the premier Canadian identity verification technology company for lawyers to verify KYC and prevent identity fraud. Treefort is the fastest growing IDV company in Canada with 1000+ clients consisting of law firms, notaries, mortgage brokers, title insurance companies and other entities across Canada. Besides innovation, Kim is passionate about giving back, she served as an elected Edmonton City Councillor for 3 terms and is currently serving on the Advisory Board of Excite, Canada’s premier community of digital economy leaders, as well as on the Board of the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association which is the largest heritage festival in the world that celebrates multi-culturalism and is UNESCO designated. Kim has a background in information systems with an MLIS from the University of Alberta.

Beyond Recognition: A Cautionary Tale of AI and Identity Fraud

In todays digital age, the rise of generative AI has enabled bad actors to create synthetic IDs and that are impossible to detect, both online and in person. Furthermore, identity fraud is being taken to the next level with deepfake video and audio capabilities. This talk delves into the sophisticated methods fraudsters employ to generate synthetic fake IDs as well as deepfake videos, circumventing traditional identity verification technologies. Our session will explore cutting edge advancements in identity verification technology and offer a glimpse into the future of how new technology can combat deepfake videos by showcasing a  new secure video meeting system designed with identity verification technology integrated into the platform that can detect digital injection deepfakes. Join us for an insightful journey into the evolving landscape of identity security and the innovative solutions being developed to safeguard against these emerging threats.

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