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Jim Walter

Sr. Threat Researcher


Jim Walter is a Senior Threat Researcher at SentinelOne focusing on evolving trends, actors, and tactics within the thriving ecosystem of cybercrime and crimeware. He specializes in the discovery and analysis of emerging cybercrime "services" and evolving communication channels leveraged by mid-level criminal organizations. Jim joined SentinelOne following ~4 years at a security start-up, also focused on malware research and organized crime.

A New RaaS Bonanza

The last 18 months has brought about a flurry of ‘entry-level’ RaaS operations. We are seeing an increase in the low-to-zero barrier of entry RaaS operations proliferating across open markets and forums. On the surface, these operations may resemble commodity or ‘script kiddie’ tier tools. However, in the entry-level cybercrime economy, these platforms have their place and they can be effective, impactful, and destructive. We will review a handful of examples of recent RaaS operations that have emerged, and examine their business models, target audience, and their impact on the overall RaaS landscap
In this talk, we will review this emerging slew of lesser-known and understood RaaS operations. We will look at relevant details including geographical distribution/location, pricing and business models (where existent), targeting distribution and platforms, along with the preferred markets and channels where these services are bought and sold.  We will also discuss how some of these (ex: Mogilevich) are far more scam than they are ‘legit ransomware’ operations.  Finally, we will hypothesize on where this trend is taking us.  We will discuss what thai trend means, going forward, as the RaaS market gets more saturated and the various barriers to entry dissolve.

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