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Femi Ogunji

Security Consultant


I'm Femi Ogunji, a seasoned Information Security Consultant with a passion for building and deploying next-generation technology and security solutions. With a track record of developing and implementing robust technology and information security strategies, I bring a wealth of experience in the realm of cybersecurity, and I've successfully led the charge in managing security services in the public, private and non-profit sector, focusing on identity and access management, risk management, and process enhancement. My commitment to improving IT governance, compliance, and threat response is evident with several projects I have been a part of throughout my career. I believe in the power of collaboration and love to focus on innovative solutions that enhance data and IT security posture. I'm not just passionate about securing information; I'm equally enthusiastic about mentoring aspiring professionals in the field. I hold several leading industry certifications including CISSP & CISM, among others. As an industry mentor with several post-secondary institutions, immigrant-serving societies, and within the corporate environment, I'm dedicated to sharing insights, fostering growth, and helping individuals navigate the dynamic landscape of information and cybersecurity. I want to ensure that the next generation of Cybersecurity leaders have what it takes and are ready to put on the shoes which they will have to fill.

The Human Factor: Building a Culture of Identity Security in a Decentralized Workforce

In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, the human factor remains both the weakest link and the strongest defense. As organizations increasingly adopt decentralized work models, the importance of building a culture of identity security becomes paramount. This presentation explores the critical role of identity security in safeguarding against cyber threats within decentralized workforces. Delving into the psychology of cybersecurity, it highlights the impact of human behavior on security and offers insights into mitigating human-related risks through education and awareness. The session also examines best practices for implementing identity security solutions, securing remote work environments, and addresses future trends shaping the identity security landscape. Attendees will gain practical strategies for fostering a security-aware culture and enhancing identity security within their organizations.

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