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Diogo Lemos

Application Security Engineer

Flutter Entertainment

Diogo Lemos is an accomplished Application Security Engineer with extensive experience in developing and managing security solutions. His professional journey began at Checkmarx, where he built security products, and subsequently advanced to Flutter Entertainment. At Flutter, Diogo not only implemented these products but also gained the freedom to develop and tailor them to meet specific organizational needs. His expertise includes automating security processes, optimizing scanning programs, and spearheading cloud security initiatives. Diogo is also an active contributor to various open-source security projects and has a solid record of speaking at industry conferences, including talks on SAST and SCA solutions at Flutter and other venues.

Building vs. Buying – A Tale of Developing an In-House SCA Tool

This presentation will detail the journey of developing an in-house Software Composition Analysis tool, from its inception as a challenge to its realization as a comprehensive, open-source solution. It will cover the motivations, challenges, and unique features of the tool, including dependency checks, custom dashboards, and automatic updates.

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