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Colin Moreland


MPP Software / Lethbridge Police Service

Colin is CEO of MPP Software and also the Information Security Lead for the Lethbridge Police Service. A software industry veteran, Colin was Vice-President for Intelligenz’s Canadian operations, where he built his unit as the company’s highest revenue business unit. In 3esi (now Aucerna), he led the global software rollout programs for some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. He was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2021.  A philanthropist and a supporter of sports, he is a founder of Lethbridge Sports photography and a large sponsor of multiple female sports teams in Southern Alberta.

Pragmatic Information Security in Law Enforcement

Balancing operational goals with security concerns is a challenge in every organization, but in law enforcement the stakes of failing to secure confidential data is that much higher. With systems that hold privileged, classified, and at times even top secret data, balancing the protection of this information with the needs of officers for rapid data access from locations with limited endpoint security options requires a pragmatic mindset. This talk looks at case studies of endpoint security, access permissions, and data encryption that demonstrate the pragmatic security approach to cybersecurity in law enforcement.

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