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Alyssa Hartford

Information Security Officer

Government of Alberta

Alyssa, with all things considered, is relatively new to the cybersecurity industry. She had graduated from the Business Technology Management program at the University of Alberta, with a special interest in and a research project centered around industrial cybersecurity. Alyssa now has had just over a year's experience in her current position as an Information Security Officer with the Government of Alberta, where she had joined them as a part of their two year Cybersecurity Work Experience Program.

Improving Cyber Risk Management with Threat Modeling

In order to build more secure solutions, risks and threats need to be identified and managed at the beginning of (and throughout) solution delivery. This is where Threat Modeling comes in.   This presentation focuses on the practice of threat modeling and how it provides a visual and structured approach to  analyzing potential threats and vulnerabilities. The presentation will:   ·       Provide an introduction to Threat Modeling,   ·       Discuss some of the Government of Alberta's experiences with Threat Modeling,    ·       Describe how it can relate to Risk Management practices, and ·       Demonstrate some practical examples.

Talk Abstract (This information will be included on the website and in promotional materials.)

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