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Adam McMath



Adam McMath is a multi-decade cybersecurity professional who pays annual maintenance fees on a plethora of certifications. He refuses to take himself too seriously, and has spent his life taking things apart then making the re-assembly someone else’s problem. Adam has spent years chasing digital tornados, helping businesses and governments recover from extreme impacts to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

All Thriller, No Filler: Crisis Communications Workshop

At some point in everyone’s life, we experience an incident or event that launches our stress levels past 100%. Maybe you’ve been there before: a data breach, a ransomware event, a car crash, or a medical emergency. Did you notice the first thing that always seems to fall apart is everyone’s collective communication?

If you’ve ever struggled with clarity during extreme stress, you’re normal! Amazing crisis communication doesn’t come naturally, it is the result of preparation and practice. That’s what this session is about!

In this workshop we’ll experiment with real risk definitions for the environment you work in; develop your own personalized set of quick/easy answers intended to buy you time to think under pressure; and practice delivering situation reports designed to communicate what you know, what you’re working on, and what you need. You'll practice how to influence without authority, and how to communicate what counts to peers, adversaries, executives, and media.

We don’t rise to the occasion; we fall to the level of our preparedness! Come to this workshop ready to work; and yes, it will involve some public speaking, but this will also be an exceptionally supportive audience for you to practice in.

I hope to see you there! -Adam “his best work is when the air is on fire” McMath

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